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Chinese New Year-2019 Year of the Brown Pig

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Year of the Dog-2019

According to Chinese traditions, 2019 is known as the ‘Year of the Brown Pig’. Chinese New Year arrives on February 5, 2019. This year, 2019, will mark the 4716th Chinese year. The zodiac sign of 2019 is the Pig. According to the Chinese Horoscope calendar, 2019 is the Female Earth Pig year. Brown is connected [...]

Chinese New Year – 2018 Year Of The Brown Earth Dog

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2018- Year of the Brown Dog

Chinese New Year in 2018 is on Friday, the 16th of February. Chinese tradition gives the Chinese a 12-year animal zodiac cycle. The Chinese year beginning in 2018 is the year of the Dog. The animal of 2018 is the Yang Male Earth Dog. Brown is connected to Earth. Therefore, 2018 is also called Brown [...]

Chinese New Year 2014-Year Of The Horse

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2014 is Year of the Horse

The Chinese celebrate he beginning of their New Year at a different time than we do in the West. The Chinese calendar – called Sheng Xiao – has 12 cycles. Each cycle lasts for one year and represents an animal which includes Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. [...]

New Arizona Medical Ruling Consumers Need To Be Aware Of

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Acupuncture takes time and training. Don't let unlicensed or untrained individuals perform needling on you.

Since you are a medical consumer, we want you to be aware of a new ruling in Arizona. On October 22, the Arizona Physical Therapy Board adopted “dry needling” as part of their scope of practice. This ruling will have an effect on patients and create a larger need for medical consumers to be diligent in [...]

The Acupuncture Community Needs Your Help

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Acupuncturist prepares to tap needle into patient

Whenever we seek out someone to help us with anything it makes good sense to look for the best- someone with proper education and experience — whether to get our car repaired, our roof fixed, our teeth cleaned – anything one can think of. This in mind, it makes perfect sense to want the professional [...]

Year of the Snake-Chinese New Year

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Year of the Snake

Happy Chinese New Year from Acupuncture Alternatives. The official date for Chinese New Year this year is February 10th 2013. This date begins a new year called the Year of the Snake. The Snake is one of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac. These “animals” are related to the Chinese [...]