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Acupuncture Alternatives Works To Keep Herbals In Stock

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Acupuncture Alternatives is working hard to keep popular Chinese herbals in stock. However, with issues related to the Covid-19 virus and occasional delays with manufacturers receiving needed products, along with various shipment and supply issues along every stage of the pipeline, we are strongly encouraging our patients to plan ahead and order needed supplements before [...]

Acupuncture Alternatives Response To The Coronavirus

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At Acupuncture Alternatives our top priority is the health and well-being of the clients we serve. Although the prevalence of the Coronavirus in Arizona continues to be low, our clinic follows, and always has, the strict CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of not only COVID 19 but all other contagions as well. All contact [...]

Chinese New Year 2020-Year of the White Metal Rat

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Chinese Year of the White Metal Rat 2020

2020 is the Chinese Year of the ‘White Metal Rat‘. This lunar year starts on January 25th, 2020 and ends on February 11th, 2021. The ‘White Metal Rat’ is the first sign in the Chinese zodiac. It marks new beginnings, fresh hope, and rising excitement. This period continues through February 11, 2021 and marks a [...]

Chinese New Year-2019 Year of the Brown Pig

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Year of the Dog-2019

According to Chinese traditions, 2019 is known as the ‘Year of the Brown Pig’. Chinese New Year arrives on February 5, 2019. This year, 2019, will mark the 4716th Chinese year. The zodiac sign of 2019 is the Pig. According to the Chinese Horoscope calendar, 2019 is the Female Earth Pig year. Brown is connected [...]

Chinese New Year – 2018 Year Of The Brown Earth Dog

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2018- Year of the Brown Dog

Chinese New Year in 2018 is on Friday, the 16th of February. Chinese tradition gives the Chinese a 12-year animal zodiac cycle. The Chinese year beginning in 2018 is the year of the Dog. The animal of 2018 is the Yang Male Earth Dog. Brown is connected to Earth. Therefore, 2018 is also called Brown [...]