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Year of the ‘Black Yin-Rabbit’- 2023-Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year 2023! It is always interesting to explore the Chinese ‘animal of the year’ — whether we always end up believing 100% in the forecasts and predictions, or not. 2023 is called the ‘Year of the Black Yin-Rabbit’.

Chinese New Year 2023 starts on January 22nd, 2023, and ends on February 9th, 2024

The zodiac sign of 2023 is ‘Rabbits’ in the rain. ‘Yin-Water’ is connected to rain, cold water, or ponds. The color of ‘Water’ is associated with black. Since rabbits are herbivores and they like to eat tender plants like grass, flowers, leaves, or weeds, the ‘Rabbit’ is associated with ‘Yin-Wood’. Rain can wash tender plants. But heavy rains damage flowers and leaves. Grass and vines don’t like the season of winter. That means rabbits don’t like cold water.

2023 is called the ‘Year of the Black Yin-Rabbit’

In Chinese Astrology, the Rabbit symbolizes patience and luck, which would mean that the ‘Year of the Rabbit 2023’ will bring what we have lacked in 2022: peace and success! (That is one prediction, we can all hope may become a reality!)

The theory is the influence of the ‘Rabbit’ will temper those too impulsive, or those with their heads in the clouds. Therefore, it may be wise for us all to ‘think twice before acting’ – so we all may have a better opportunity to fulfill all our plans successfully.

According to the Chinese horoscope 2023, the ‘Year of the Rabbit’ will be a good time for all the zodiac signs and a fortunate year for many of them. Information about the year indicates all the astrological signs will be successful in love, and most may have the opportunity to go to the next level in terms of career. And the theory is that 2023 may be a healthier year for many individuals —  provided the person takes proactive steps to do the best that they possibly can to stay healthy.

The ‘Year of the Rabbit’ 2023 is predicted to bring more relaxation – and hopefully less anger. Another one of the Chinese predictions that sounds like good news — that in 2023 money may come much more effortlessly than in some other years. (Another prediction we can all hope becomes a reality!)

Acupuncture Alternatives can help keep a person healthier regardless of the astrological sign

Whichever astrological sign a person is born under, a new calendar year is a new chapter in all our lives, and a time many people make ‘new year’s resolutions’.

If you find yourself making a resolution to work toward better health – that is one resolution we, at Acupuncture Alternative, can help with. Even as few as four annual acupuncture sessions can help to balance a person’s energies — (with the change of the season) – – and can help a person keep healthy.

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