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Acupuncture Alternatives Works To Keep Herbals In Stock

Acupuncture Alternatives is working hard to keep popular Chinese herbals in stock. However, with issues related to the Covid-19 virus and occasional delays with manufacturers receiving needed products, along with various shipment and supply issues along every stage of the pipeline, we are strongly encouraging our patients to plan ahead and order needed supplements before running out, to try and avoid spaces of time from when you are running out of your current bottle of supplements and are able to receive a replacement.

In addition to pick up at our office, we are offering shipping as a paid option. Call our offices and advise which herbals you want. We will calculate shipping fees, and you can make the payment via credit card and we’ll ship the herbals to you once we receive them from the manufacturer.

Thanks for your patience — our suppliers are working as quickly as possible to supply products. We utilize top quality manufactures who are adhering to all CDC and safety measures within their own facilities.


Thank you for letting us support you on your continuing path to good health. It is ever more important for all of us to work diligently to keep our immune systems as strong as possible. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine, which includes various herbals are time tested techniques to help keep the immune system strong.

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