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Acupuncture Alternatives Welcomes Your Reviews

Reviews are always helpful to people who are trying to decide if they want to use a product, try something out, or make an appointment, etc.

Your testimonial about your experiences will be very helpful to others -- as well as to us.


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Submitted by C.S.

My experience has been wonderful! Dr. Burnis is very professional and he explains everything he is doing. He does a complete exam, asking questions about whole body health. My goal is to discontinue my pain medications and I can see that goal in the future!


I would highly recommend Acupuncture treatment for a multitude of issues.

Submitted by A.K.

Excellent resource!

Submitted by B.M.L.

Pain level before Acupuncture...8-9. Pain level this morning...0.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was overwhelmed with joy during a very slow short walk because there was zero pain today. I am so grateful.

Submitted by J.W.C.

I've never felt less stressed on a Monday!

I credit Saturday's Acupuncture session with you 100%. Feeling relaxed, productive, and pain-free.

Thank you!!!

Submitted by D.S.

I have been enjoying Acupuncture for many years. It has helped me with sinus problems, muscle pains and now with an essential tremor. I was on neurological medication that made me forget ordinary things and slur my words, but now that I am not having those problems and I have gone off much of my medication.

I recommend Acupuncture for most ailments and Jim is a great practitioner!

Submitted by J.C.

Thank you again for all you do to help me stay as healthy as possible!

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