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Gift Certificates From Acupuncture Alternatives

Acupuncture Alternatives is offering holiday gift certificates - give the Gift of HealthAcupuncture Alternatives offers gift certificates year round. When it’s time to give someone a special gift, give your loved ones a “Gift of Health”. You can purchase certificates for one Acupuncture visit or several visits – whatever your budget allows.

If you already have found Acupuncture has worked for your own health needs, but have  friends who have not yet experienced Acupuncture for themselves, this may be a great way to offer them an introduction.

If you have a loved one with ongoing health issues who needs a series of treatments, your gift certificate – a “gift of health” – can be very useful for them.

Another gift idea for you — perhaps you know someone who is already using Chinese herbals who could benefit from a few bottles of Chinese herbs. Plan to pick up a few bottles from us to use as a special gift, or a stocking stuffer at holiday time.

Call us at Acupuncture Alternatives today (480-671-5178) to purchase your Gift Certificates. We can mail the certificates to your home, or direct to your gift recipients – whichever you prefer.