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Soups Can Be Utilized For Healing

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healing soup

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, soups are sometimes part of the treatment plan to help someone get healthier. This is the case for a few reasons. When we are sick our bodies crave hot, broth-type liquids. As we head into the Fall and Winter season, you will likely find yourself eating more soups. Warm soup warms [...]

Healthy Fall Foods Help Keep Immune System Strong

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Traditional Chinese Medicine and various foods that best fit the fall and winter season

Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts of food and diet can help play a positive role in keeping you healthier this Fall and Winter season. This time of year is a time when a person’s energy (“Qi”) can be somewhat unstable. Now is the time to strengthen your Qi as your body prepares for winter. Our diet, [...]

Traditional Chinese Medicine And Summer Foods

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Traditional Chinese Medicine and summer food

Traditional Chinese Medicine tends to favor people eating ‘warm foods’ most of the time. This means foods with ‘warm properties’, as well as being actually warm in temperature. ‘Warm foods’ are thought to ease a person’s digestive process by causing their system to relax and more easily break down the food. ‘Cold foods’, in contrast, [...]

Acupuncture Offers New Perspective About Diet

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healthy eating

Acupuncture can help a person gain a new perspective on the foods they eat – why some are better for them than others. Different people eating the same food item which is normally considered “healthy” can be affected in different ways. Some people, because of their body imbalances or personal constitution, need “warming foods” while [...]

Green Tea And Chinese Medicine

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Green Tea

Most teas — including green, white, black, and oolong — are all harvested from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. It is the differences in their processing that result in various kinds of teas. Green tea is unwilted and unoxidized. Green tea is steamed, rolled and dried immediately after harvest. The leaves of the plant are dried [...]

Stay Healthy This Fall With Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Fall season in Arizona

The Fall season is the beginning of what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls the “yin cycle”. In comparison, Summer focuses more on external things such as travel and outdoor activities. Summer is ruled by the element Fire.  In contrast Fall is a time for organizing one’s life for the winter season ahead. Fall is ruled by [...]