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Traditional Chinese Medicine And Summer Foods

Traditional Chinese Medicine tends to favor people eating ‘warm foods’ most of the time. This means foods with ‘warm properties’, as well as being actually warm in temperature.

‘Warm foods’ are thought to ease a person’s digestive process by causing their system to relax and more easily break down the food.

‘Cold foods’, in contrast, cause contraction and stagnation. This means a person’s body has to work a lot harder to digest these ‘cold foods’. Digestion issues may be the result of eating too many ‘cold foods’. Or if a person’s digestive system is already having issues, then ‘cold foods’ can end up magnifying the digestive problems and making them seem worse at times.

Summer, however, is the one time of year when it can okay to cool things down in your diet. But eat ‘cool foods’ in moderation – even in the summer. Saying that it is ok to eat ‘cool foods’ does not mean it is a license to drink loads of ice water all day long, or to eat raw salad at every meal. But it does mean that ‘cooler foods’ are better tolerated in summer by most people.

Some examples of ‘cool foods’

Some of the foods that are considered ‘cool foods’ include – apple, banana, grapefruit, lemon, orange, asparagus, eggplant, strawberry, green leafy vegetables, various melons, cucumber, tofu and mushroom.

Stay healthy this summer

Try to stay healthy this summer. Among eating healthy, staying hydrated, avoiding long hours in the hot sun, consider a seasonal Acupuncture appointment to help your immune system adjust to the hot weather.

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