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Chinese New Year-2019 Year of the Brown Pig

According to Chinese traditions, 2019 is known as the ‘Year of the Brown Pig’. Chinese New Year arrives on February 5, 2019. This year, 2019, will mark the 4716th Chinese year.

The zodiac sign of 2019 is the Pig. According to the Chinese Horoscope calendar, 2019 is the Female Earth Pig year. Brown is connected to the earth. Therefore, 2019 is also called the year of the Brown Pig

Chinese New Year in 2019 begins on Tuesday, February 5th and ends January 25th 2020.

Whether you follow the traditions of the Chinese or not, it can be interesting to see what they believe will be the trends for the coming year ahead of us.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Which years are considered to be ‘pig years?

The Pig occupies the last (12th) position in the Chinese Zodiac. “Pig Chinese Zodiac natives” are those born in one of these years: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019.

2019 considered to be a ‘yin year’ – characteristics of the ‘Pig Year’
‘Pig Years’ considered to be a ‘Year of Fortune and luck’

The year 2019 is considered to be a ‘Yin Earth year’. We can expect mixed energies although there should be good news on the horizon with world events and hopefully a more calming influence in Middle Eastern countries with huge leaps forward in relationships worldwide.

Finances can cause problems worldwide in 2019 and with a dominant earth energy with a Yin polarity, we can expect issues with global finances and stock markets. And from recent news, it appears we may already be seeing some of this.

This year of the ‘yin earth Pig’ can be a very good year in so many ways, although it can also be a year for sorting what is needed from a person’s life and un-needed things may drop out of the person’s life. You might find that you lose friends, work relations and other connections, this can usually be a good thing and better for you in the long run.

This Pig Chinese zodiac sign is associated with generosity, optimism, congeniality, and considerateness. The pig enjoys simplicity, the company of others, and cultivates friendships. The pig is said to have a pure heart and is honest. The pig’s credibility allows for bringing others together.

Pigs like to sleep and eat and does not conspire to harm others. Some might say the pig is lazy, while others say the pig simply enjoys the good things in life. The pig is greatly attracted to pleasure and loves entertainment. Pigs are said to bring affluence to others; the pig is a symbol of wealth. People born under the pig sign are said to share their every possession with others; however, they expect the same and will help themselves to all that is yours as well.

Pigs are hard-working, have great endurance, and possess great inner strength. They are gallant and have tremendous fortitude.

The pig is thick-skinned and often able to overlook minor transgressions. Some people may interpret the pig as naive for this reason. Maybe, it is because the pig loves the company of others, or because the pig is inherently calm and has great patience. The pig willingly overlooks minor betrayals for the sake of promoting friendships and universal harmony; however, the pig may become a powerful opponent if driven to extremes. The pig may be short-tempered at times, but prefers to let bygones be bygones. The pig is known for understanding.

Caring for one’s health in the coming year

This coming year is a year to be proactive in caring for one’s own health. That thought in mind, we look forward to helping you with Acupuncture and Chinese herbals.

Give us a call to schedule. Let’s talk about your health goals for the new year and plan a treatment plan to help you achieve them.

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