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Holiday Season and Acupuncture

The holiday season is here and while it is a season of joy, it can also be stressful for many. Does it always seem like there are more things to do than the time available to do them? Are the crowded stores causing you a headache as you rush about to handle holiday shopping? Maybe you are worrying about all the holiday snacks and parties and stressing about the pounds you may be adding and because you have been too busy to work out?  Maybe family get-togethers are creating stress and anxiety?

Whatever the reason, while holidays bring joy – they also bring added stress for many folks. How can you keep the joy and not let the stress get you down?

Acupuncture has been well documented for its ability to lower stress. Many use Acupuncture for stress reduction. And even for those who don’t seem to notice stress in their lives, those people also  report a greater sense of lightness and evenness to their moods after having Acupuncture.

During the holiday season, many benefits are possible from the stress-reduction benefits of Acupuncture.

If you can make the time to come in for an Acupuncture appointment this time of year, I encourage you to do it. Regular Acupuncture treatments are the best way to stay healthy and mentally balanced during high-stress times – during the holidays, as well as all year long.

What are some other things you can do, on your own, to help with stressful times?

Try and “go with the flow”

There is a famous Chinese medical saying: “Bu tong ze tong, tong ze bu tong“. A rough translation is, “If there is not free flow, there is pain. If there is free flow, there is no pain.” Consider this thinking and apply it when holiday stress hits you. Many things may not go according to the scheduled time you had in mind, or according to plan. Trying focusing less on details and more on your ability to flow through them. Keep flowing forward and you’ll have a less stressful holiday season.

Stop thinking you “should” do something

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture is centered around the notion that we are ever changing, evolving beings. Nothing is set in stone. There are no golden rules or absolute truths. When we fail try to think of ourselves as the constant works-in-progress that we are. There can be a tendency to start imposing a lot of needless “shoulds” on ourselves.

Do you find yourself thinking – “I should send out holiday cards, because everyone will expect them, but gee I don’t have time”. Or, “I should spend more money on holiday presents, but gee I just don’t have the budget to do it and will go into debt if I do”. Or maybe, “I should make a big holiday dinner or party and invite all my friends, but I just don’t really have the time or budget to handle that”. You get the idea — there are many things in life that may seem like “shoulds” that most likely you really don’t “have” to do.

Try making an effort to stop the ‘shoulds”. Do what you “need” to do, what makes you comfortable and that works for your life. Doing so will free you up to live without the pressure and guilt that has a tendency to increase this time of year.

Think about balance

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is all about balance. The goal of treatment is to tonify (give to) areas of deficiency and reduce (take from) areas of excess. This principle applies to holiday gift giving and time management as well.

Think about time and money in terms of balance. If you find yourself with extra time in the coming weeks, offer help to those who don’t. If you’re really stressed for time, ask for some help. With gifts, ask yourself what you can offer that will help others without hurting you financially. Gifts come in all forms and should feel good on the receiving and giving end.

Try and take control

Be purposeful and think about what time, budget and resources you have. Plan what is really important for you and let the rest go.  Take time to get rest, eat healthy goods and take some time for yourself.

The holiday season is meant to be joyful. Try and stop stress from taking over. Enjoy, take care of yourself and be healthy.

Acupuncture Alternatives wishes you a pleasant holiday season.

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