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Acupuncture Alternatives Continuing Response To COVID-19 Virus

As we all continue to work our way through the COVID-19 virus pandemic, Acupuncture Alternatives continues to be open and read to serve the community. Our top priority is the health and well-being of the clients we serve.

Although the prevalence of the Coronavirus in Arizona continues to be low, our clinic always has, and continues to follow, the strict CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of not only COVID 19, but all other contagions as well.

All contact surfaces are cleaned multi-times daily with industry grade disinfectant cleaners. Disinfecting wipes are used between patients throughout the day. Cleanliness and attention to detail is our trademark.

The popular thinking is that COVID-19 is transmitted through respiratory droplets. With this in mind we all can incorporate the following steps to limit the risk to ourselves and others.

  1. Keep an appropriate distance from others whenever possible in crowded areas, and avoid non-essential large crowded areas. (The 6 foot rule seems to be becoming the norm.)
  2. Avoid contact (touching) your eyes, nose, and mouth. All mucus membranes are potential pathways for the Coronavirus, as well as many other virus.
  3. Frequently wash your hands. This is worth saying again, WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY.
  4. Wear a face mask to help protect your health and that of others.
  5. And if you do feel ill, stay home to limit any exposure to others.
  6. If you continue to feel ill, seek the help of a Medical professional to help with symptoms, and to evaluate you for possibly being exposed to COVID 19.

As testing becomes more available, it is generally thought that there will be an increase in documented cases over the next weeks and months – both in the Arizona and across our Country. By using good common sense, the suggestions above, and not getting caught up in the frenzy of fake-news media stories, we’ll make our way through this viral challenge.

To stay up to date about the latest CDC information about the Coronavirus, here is a link to their information which is continually being updated.

Building A Good Immune System Is Very Important

Acupuncture Alternatives remains committed to serving the health care needs of our patients. In this time of COVID 19 we all need to be extra attentive to doing whatever it takes to keep our immune systems healthy, eating healthy foods, getting high quality of rest and sleep, etc. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which are medical techniques and systems in practice for hundreds and hundreds of years can help you focus on keeping your immune system strong.

We remain here to serve your health needs — 480-671-5178 .

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