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Staying Healthy This Fall With Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Autumn season is a time where our immune systems can become challenged with fluctuating temperatures as we head into Winter.

If we are not mindful, the Fall season can be an easy time for our immune system to become challenged and for us to end up with a virus, cold or flu.

Consider letting Traditional Chinese Medicine help you stay healthy this season.

Also there are a number of measures you can do by yourself to help ensure good health through Autumn, and into Winter.

Some things you can do on your own include:

Clean out what is not needed in your life and let go.

In thinking of the concept of ‘letting go’, the Fall season can be a great time to clean out items in our space that we are not longer using, nor serve us. Cleaning out our closets of no longer worn clothing and giving them to a charity, as well as cleaning out old e-mails that are no longer needed, but which are merely taking up space, clearing out our pantry and  donating unused items to the food bank —- there are many ways we can clear out things that are not any longer needed.

Consider our own life in the same way we notice what occurs in the Fall season with trees. In the Fall season trees shed their leaves that are no longer needed, as we move forward to the winter season. Similarly, in the Fall season, we can benefit from clearing things out of our existence that we no longer need.

Carry layers of clothing to be prepared for weather changes.

The Fall season can have temperatures that fluctuate rather dramatically during a day. It can be very chilly in the early morning, and as hot as summer by noon-time. Stay prepared for the drastic change in temperatures. Carry a sweater, or jacket. Wear a neck scarf to keep the chilly wind from your neck, and wear socks on your feet to keep the winds from invading your ankles. Without proper protection your body is at risk for ‘catching’ a sudden cold, virus, or flu.

Eat soup and stews.

Soups and stews usually contain seasonal meats and vegetables. They are ‘warming’ and  packed full of nutrients.

Keep hydrated with plenty of liquids.

The moisture of the humid summer gives way to autumn dryness. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, and drink room temperature tea, or water, to help your body remain hydrated.

Add fermented foods to your diet.

Fermented foods include such things as sauerkraut, kim chi, miso, kombucha, rejuvelac, fermented soda, yogurt, or kefir. These foods help support the immune system function. Additionally, supplementing a person’s immune system with probiotics, such as acidophilus, can be helpful.

Decrease stress.

Stress depletes a person’s immune system. Work on finding a solution that works to help you relieve stress. Each person is different. For some people it may be watching a hour of ‘mindless TV’, and for others it may be meditation, art or music, laughter with friends, participating in a hobby, reading a book that you enjoy, time with friends or family, or gardening  – whatever works for you.

Get adequate sleep on a regular basis.

Sleep is regenerative and helps keeps a person’s immune system strong. Be sure to get enough rest and sleep every night. Don’t skip sleep during the week and then try and ‘catch up’ on the weekend.

Exercise provides many benefits.

Exercise provides many health benefits. Find an exercise that you can enjoy doing, and do regularly. Among other benefits, exercising helps keep the lungs strong and moods stable.

Let Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine help you stay healthy this Fall season

With the fluctuating weather during the Fall season creating challenges for our immune systems, it can be a great time to come in for an Acupuncture appointment ‘tune-up’. Depending on your situation, we can also recommend some Chinese herbals that will help keep your immune system stronger this Fall season.

Even if you consider yourself normally pretty healthy, a seasonal Acupuncture treatment can help you to try and avoid Fall colds and sniffles in a more effective way.

And especially if you are already suffering from asthma, chronic cough or bronchitis, immune deficiency or sinus infections, or otherwise find your health a bit compromised, the Fall season is a good time to make an appointment for a consultation, and receive a customized treatment to try and keep yourself healthy this Fall season.

We look forward to helping you stay healthy!

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