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Heart Blood Stagnation

Is your diet a “heart healthy” diet? Acupuncturists and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors have been prescribing “heart healthy diets” for thousands of years. The idea of a “heart healthy diet” is relatively new in the West.

While a heart monitor is a vital diagnostic tool to a cardiologist, Acupuncturists are well trained in examining the pulse and can detect heart irregularities, often before symptoms such as heart pain appear.

Many of the terms, diagnosis, and devices associated with heart disease in the West, such as heart disease monitor, target heart rate, congestive heart failure, and congenital heart disease, are not part of an Acupuncturist’s view of heart problems.

Heart Blood Stagnation is the Traditional Chinese Medicine Term.

What is called a “heart attack” in the West is known to Eastern medicine as Heart Blood Stagnation. What your MD knows as arteriosclerosis might be called phlegm obstructing the channels to your Acupuncturist.

If someone has heart issues, an Acupuncturist will suggest the person sees a cardiologist — however, that said, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can be helpful in the treatment of heart problems, especially in the early stages. Give us a call at Acupuncture Alternatives to schedule an appointment –  480-671-5178.

There are a world of wonderful “heart healthy diet” cookbooks that offer many, many choices of tasty foods that will keep you both healthy and satisfied. Browse over to to check out the many cookbook choices and stay healthy!

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