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Boost Immune System With Acupuncture

Cold and flu season is upon us. But now it is not only colds and flu we need to be concerned about. The press has everyone worried about ebola and other new virus strains that are presenting as well. It is critical for each of us to have a strong immune system!

Often times people only think of Acupuncture when they are dealing with pain. But Acupuncture can do so much more than just help relieve pain. Acupuncture can help to naturally boost a person’s immune system. As we enter into the Fall and Winter seasons with the onset of colds and flu and other new viruses, Acupuncture is one of the ways we can boost our immune systems to help us stay healthy.

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a person’s body goes through six stages of sickness when they catch a cold. As an Acupuncturist we look at what stage of the cold or flu a person is in to help determine the best position for Acupuncture needles to help boost the immune system. In Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture we look for imbalances of Qi (pronounced “chee,” which means our energy).

Qi takes on many forms in a person’s body. One element is called “Wei Qi,” or “Defensive Qi.” This is better known as our immune system here our West medicine culture. The main function of Wei Qi is to protect a person’s body from external pathogens that can make us sick. When Wei Qi is strong, our bodies can more easily ward off illness.

Acupuncture has positive effects on a person’s  immune systems to help them stay healthy.

Using Acupuncture to boost a person’s immune system is more than idle thinking. There have been several scientific studies to date where scientists have been able to determine the positive role Acupuncture plays in boosting the body’s immune system by enhancing the production of natural killer cells. Our own immune system is the primary defense mechanism against organisms that can make us sick. Acupuncture also acts as a positive influence on a complex immune building system which regulates white blood cells directly linked to the fight against infections, allergic reactions, and even autoimmune disorders.

A person should not wait until they end up getting sick to benefit from the immune-boosting benefits of Acupuncture. Regular Acupuncture visits can become a pro-active element in a person’s preventative regime to ward off colds and flu. At minimum a person can benefit from as few as even one Acupuncture treatment at the beginning of every season – four treatments per year. If a person waits until they are already sick to begin treatments then they may require several Acupuncture treatments for the body to respond appropriately. “Tune up” visits can be very beneficial during cold and flu season.

If you are interested in a natural way to boost your immune system, consider Acupuncture. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today.

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