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Year of the Tiger-2022-Happy Chinese New Year

This year- (2022) – is the ‘Year of the Tiger’-the ‘Water Tiger’ to be more specific. It can always be interesting to explore the Chinese custom of the Chinese New Year along with the animal representing that year.

2021 Was Year of the ‘Yin Metal Ox’
Hopefully, you were able to work with the 2021 Yin Metal Ox year’s energies to ‘plow the ground’ of your lifestyle well – and not have last year’s hard and negative energy cause any harm.

Plan To Nurture Yourself in Early 2022

People will do well to plan good nurturing /self-care early in 2022 to absorb and benefit from the outpouring of the passionate, active, strong energies of ‘Water-Tiger year’.

Potential Year Of Change

2022 has great potential to be a year of change because of the energy of the tiger. Characteristics of a tiger are to be brave, self-assured, and ready to pounce. Individually we might be inspired to embark on new adventures, such as travel or moving, or starting a new business.

This new year, the tiger is not awake after being asleep – awaiting his time for action.

Collectively, we might see an energetic shaking off of stagnation brought on by the past couple of years of the pandemic. This will be a year (2022) of exploring new ideas, and not shying away from challenges.

If our energy is not allowed to flow (individually and/or collectively) there may be some restlessness or unpredictable behaviors.

Remember To Rest

But remember it is also important to balance rest with the aggressive energy of the tiger. Tigers need their rest to be their assertive selves to be able to take on the tasks and goals they set out to accomplish.

‘Water Tiger’ Helps to Balance Energy

This year of the tiger is also is a water year — so technically it is the year of the ‘water tiger’. Energetically this means that the yin energy of the water can help to balance the fierce fiery nature of the tiger.

This is the year we can choose to “grab the Tiger by the tail” and swim towards our goals.

The ‘Yang Water Tiger ‘ year comes only once every 60 years.

Let’s make the most of the ‘year of the water tiger’.


Acupuncture Alternatives Wants To Help You Stay Healthy

Here at Acupuncture Alternatives look forward to helping you on your path to staying healthy. Covid challenges are still in our world, plus soon we will enter Spring which will bring challenges of seasonal allergies. Keeping our immune system strong and able to fight whatever comes our way is ever more important.

Even a few Acupuncture appointments annually can help to keep the immune system balanced.

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