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The Year of the Red Monkey-Chinese New Year 2016

Happy Chinese New Year! The “Year of the Red Monkey” gets ushered in on February 8th, 2016. Chinese traditions say that there are 12 Chinese animal signs.

The year of 2016 has a monkey as its sign — but not just any monkey. The coming year – 2016 –  is the Year of the Red Monkey. Monkeys are considered to be tricksters. This means that 2016 may turn out to be an exciting and interesting year!

You can decide how much you put your faith in Chinese philosophy and traditions.

Potential health issues for the Year of the Red Monkey.

But if you do follow Chinese theory and what the various Chinese animal signs predict, then here are some things to be mindful of health-wise.

There could be potential issues with what are considered ‘the Metal Organs’; particularly the lungs and respiratory system, the large intestines and the skin.

It will be wise to watch one’s diet and eat carefully if, and when, digestive problems occur. Other problematic issues may be dehydration, constipation and IBS as the Fire Element can be so drying. Respiratory illnesses are anticipated to be widespread this year, so if that holds true, we may be in for a particularly bad cold and flu season. These can more easily turn into inflammatory conditions like pink eye, ear infections, bronchitis, sinus infections and pneumonia. There could be a resurgence of tuberculosis. More throat infections and an increase in coughing could also be expected with more laryngitis.

Under the sign of the Red Monkey, it is thought that allergies and asthma may possibly flare up and worsen in those who are susceptible. There may be more people suffering from skin rashes and inflammatory skin problems such as hives, eczema, shingles, cold sores and skin infections from simple cuts. The sign of the Red Monkey says it can be easy to get cut this year, so be careful. You might also expect more burns and more accidents. So be careful out there!

Under the sign of the Red Monkey, Fire Energy may be very strong, There is a chance for an increase in angina and heart disease in those folks with already weak hearts. This means there could be a possibility for an increase in the number of heart attacks, although many attacks may be minor. More people may be diagnosed with diseases involving blood and circulation, such as excessive bleeding, or high red blood cell count. This might mean that infections involving the blood, such as sepsis and inflammation of the veins and arteries will be seen.

Because the Fire Element depletes the Water Element, some people might find they have kidney and/or bladder issues that crop up. Inflammatory conditions like cystitis and kidney infections may become more common this coming year, and unfortunately it may be an easier year to be impacted by kidney stones. We may see high temperatures climate-wise, which can affect people, causing heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Skin burns may be a health condition suffered by many folks this year. Also any illness involving fevers can be problematic. While it is always important, it will be extremely important to stay well hydrated this year.

The Year of the Red Monkey may also see the brain being impacted. This could mean there could be an increase in the number of people diagnosed with alzheimer’s and dementia. But that said, the Year of the Red Monkey may bring about the chance of some breakthroughs in treatment for these conditions. The nervous system can be impacted by the amount of Fire in the sign this year. This would mean we might expect an increase in nerve pain and conditions such shingles and herpes virus outbreaks, as well as an increase in mania and neurological issues.

One of the most pervasive problems we might see with the intensity of Fire energy is an increase in insomnia, hyperactivity, hysteria and mania. The Year of the Red Monkey is a year where rest must be consciously added to everyone’s schedule, or this could become a precarious year for health, as the nervous system will undoubtedly be tested. Food as the Earth Element will help ground the body, so diet will become another way to enhance health and food should be treated as medicine.

Some positive news is that many people should have a stronger spirit due to the increase in the Fire Energy. This means people might feel more youthful, lively and energetic. There may be waves of optimism and joy, often for no apparent reason. People may want to talk more and may feel more playful. People may also laugh more and feel amused easily. There may be an urge to play more practical jokes and give more parties. The energy of the Year of the Red Monkey may mean people will feel more mischievous and social.

That said however, people might also feel more scattered and disorganized, which can lead to more anxiety and frustration. People may have quick tempers, sometimes even explosive anger, and there may be more yelling or crying, but this might not last very long for most people. There is predicted to be less violence, but more sadness. But it might also be much easier to laugh this year. People might feel impetuous and have sudden likes and dislikes that change randomly. It might also be easier to disregard personal values, so it is advised that people think before giving into impulses since the Year of the Red Monkey can be a year of impulsiveness.

Overall, people may feel more emotional and have an easier time expressing their emotions, or acting on their emotions this year, but these may be transitory feelings. People may open their hearts and become more intuitive. There may be more enthusiasm and more impulsiveness. People may feel more sensitivity for the plight of others and may open their hearts and wallets for them, but in a smaller way than in a Wood year.

Time will tell how many of the predictions from Chinese philosophy and traditions become reality this coming year. Whether you believe in what Chinese customs have to say about things and predict, they can always be interesting to ponder, as well as a bit of fun to read what these ancient old customs and theories believe is in store for us.

Be pro-active to try and be healthy

As always, regardless of Chinese signs it is important to take care of one’s health. Be proactive in working to stay healthy, instead of only thinking about health once becoming ill.

We look forward to continuing to help you with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and herbals. Let’s work together to help you stay healthy during this coming Year of the Red Monkey. Happy Chinese New Year!

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