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Summer Health Issues

Summer heat in Arizona can be intense. Some heat-related health problems can be headaches and feelings of irritation. Blood pressure may rise from too much heat trapped in the body. Rashes and skin irritations may occur more and eczema may have more flare ups.

Summer is the season to be especially mindful of our hearts according to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. Our hearts control blood vessels and moves the blood in the vessels. If one’s blood is poor and does not move well, symptoms such as fatigue, poor memory, difficulty sleeping, particularly staying soundly asleep, and restlessness can be the result.

A few simple things one can to do to help with summer health.

  • Eat fresh foods. Take advantage of farmer’s markets and eat available fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating locally grown foods supports local business and has the advantage of being adapted to the same environment where the person lives.
  • Drink more water. A good rule of thumb for minimum water intake is the “8 X 8” rule. Drink at least eight-eight-ounce glasses per day. But in a dry climate such as Phoenix increase that amount considerably. When exercising, whether at the gym, the golf course, or doing yard work, one needs to hydrate well before, during, and after exercise. The “before” part is forgotten at times, but it’s important because the body will start to use fluids right away. Drink 8-16 ounces of water an hour or two before starting strenuous exercise.
  • Monitor intake of salt. An imbalance of salt in the body – too much, or too little – can occur when temperatures are hot. With too much salt rings will become tighter, and normally comfortable socks or shoes will leave lines or wrinkles on feet and ankles because of too much fluid in those areas. Eat cooling foods such as cucumbers and watermelon. These types of foods help to cool the body cool and help to offset excess salt intake.
  • Get seasonal Acupuncture. With each season it always a great idea to consider receiving Acupuncture so that your body is balanced at its strongest to move with the changes of the season. Give us a call at Acupuncture Alternatives. Give Traditional Chinese Medicine an opportunity to help you with your health issues  – 480-671-5178.
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