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Osteoporosis And Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Osteoporosis and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Osteoporosis can be a serious condition. It is basically a condition leading to the reduction of bone mineral density, and changes in the variety and amount of proteins found in bones. The condition has been commonly referred to as brittle bones, Patients with osteoporosis are at an increased risk of fracture. Spinal or vertebral fractures can also result in loss of height, severe back pain, and deformity over time.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has shown promise in helping patients with osteoporosis.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture centers on the balancing of a person’s energy (qi). Herbs and diet play a positive role as well. According to TCM, the loss of Kidney Qi and blood stagnation are mainly responsible for osteoporosis.

Herbals used for bone remedies work to strengthen the kidneys, build qi, as well as work towards regeneration of new bone cells. Herbs to help patients with osteoporosis and other bone diseases are liquorice root, fresh ginger, Chinese taxillus herb, fresh oyster shell, white peony root, cassia bark, among others, are often used.

Clinical research conducted at the Traditional Medicine Research Institute, has found that Chinese medications containing rich kidney tonic ingredients, amino acids, and compounds could revitalize the cell systems and help in the treatment of osteoporosis. Other clinical research found that the herbs were effective in faster recovery from traumatic fractures. The formulas had anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, lessened pain and swelling, and improved blood circulation and micro-circulation of injured tissue and organs.

Overall, Traditional Chinese Medicine offers promise in treating the root causes of osteoporosis and other bone diseases. Give us a call for an appointment