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Acupuncture Plays Big Role in 2012 London Olympics

Did you know that Acupuncture was a popular treatment for injury rehabilitation, pain prevention and overall physical maintenance at the 2012 London Olympics? Below are a few examples of stories that made their way to the mainstream media about how Acupuncture was used and had a very positive effect on many of the athletes and kept them in the games.

  • USA Gymnast, McKayla Maroney broke her toe several times leading up to the games. During Olympic training, she split the bone even further.  Acupuncture, electronic stimulation and lots of icing got her through the games.
  • USA Pole Vaulter, Jeremy Scott reported he continued to utilize Acupuncture to aid in the reduction of knee pain during competition. And he credits the integration of acupuncture into his wellness and maintenance routine for his ability to flourish at the Olympic trials.
  • South Korea, Women’s Volleyball, Kim Yeon-koung touts Acupuncture at helping accelerate recovery times. She was quoted as saying, “I have had lots of physical therapy, which takes a long time to affect a cure, but Oriental therapy works faster. My pain halved after a day.”
  • USA, Archery Team, Nicole Rasor not only received Acupuncture at the Olympics — she is an Acupuncturist by profession. Nicole Rasor, who kicked off her Olympic career on the 1984 diving team, re-joined the Americans in 2011 and 2012, this time as an archer. When she’s not training, Nicole is a licensed acupuncturist in Tucson, Arizona.
  • USA, High Jumper, Amy Acuff is also another Licensed Acupuncturist who maintains a practice in Austin Texas. She has often credited Acupuncture for her “unusual longevity” in high jumping, which is otherwise considered an injury-prone sport.
  • South Korea, Men’s Handball, Park Jung-geu has been quoted as saying  “I can tell that I am getting better after being treated about three times, while physical therapy requires long, consistent treatment”.

While all of us are not Olympian athletes, if you run, exercise, bike, swim or participate in any variety of other activities, Acupuncture can help you to stay healthy and in the game. Call Acupuncture Alternatives for an appointment – 480-671-5178.

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