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Acupuncture Helps Aches and Pains From Sports Injuries

With spring time comes more physical activity, whether it means getting out and involved with a marathon or more casual running, perhaps biking, or maybe giving the golf clubs more of a workout than in the colder winter months. Whatever you decide to do for physical activity to get out and enjoy the warmer spring weather, despite the best laid plans, at times this increased activity can mean pulled muscles, inflammation, shin splints or other aches and pains.

Acupuncture helps treat injuries and reduce pain and inflammation

Studies suggest the ancient Chinese therapy of Acupuncture can increase circulation and range of motion and accelerate healing time due to its ability to balance the neurological and cardiovascular systems. Some of the most elite athletes are routinely using Acupuncture to treat injuries and reduce the pain and inflammation associated with them.

Acupuncture works by strategically placing needles on pressure points to regulate blood flow to trouble spots via major pathways in the body. This  results in relaxing muscles and ending up with less swelling, tension and pain.  Oxygen flow increases and delivers white blood cells to the injury.

The number of treatment sessions obviously depends on the seriousness of the injury; however, many times significant improvement can occur after just a few visits.

Acupuncture is commonly used for shin splits, muscle pulls,hip flex, glute and quad pain and other tears or strains, along with other exercise related injuries.

If you find yourself with aches and pains and want to explore how Acupuncture may be able to help you give us a call for an appointment –  480-671 517.

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