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Acupuncture Can Help Relieve Unexplainable Symptoms

Have you ever had symptoms that just seem not able to be explained? Symptoms and issues such as headaches, muscle aches, extreme pain, or joint or back pain? You don’t think you have “done” anything to cause the pain. And perhaps you have even checked with your primary care physician, and they have run some labs but nothing can be found as to the reason why you seem to “feel bad”. Acupuncture treatments may be able to help you.

According to a study out of England, where they took patients who had various unexplainable aches and pains. Half received up to 12 sessions of five-element Acupuncture during a period of six months; the remainder received no extra treatment. The patients who received Acupuncture treatment reported that their Acupuncture consultations were helpful and the holistic nature of the sessions gave them a sense that something positive was being done about their condition. But more than just having a sense that something positive was being done — something actually did change for the better. The patients who received Acupuncture treatment felt they had an improved well-being and the unexplained symptoms faded.

Give us a call at Acupuncture Alternatives if you have strange, painful or odd symptoms that seem unexplainable. Give Acupuncture a chance to help you feel better.

To read more about this study, the research results were published in The British Journal of General Practice.

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