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Acupuncture And Thyroid Issues

Acupuncture can help in the treatment of thyroid problems.

Acupuncture treatments can help restore and improve hormonal balance. Treatments can also regulate energy levels, smooth emotions and help manage sleep,along with emotions and menstrual problems. There are points on a person’s ears and other parts of the body that can be used to regulate the production of thyroid hormones.

Both Western and Eastern medicine can work together to restore thyroid hormone levels. Western treatments rely mainly on drugs and surgery while Eastern treatments aim to restore immune function, along with balancing the production and release of thyroid hormones through a variety of approaches ranging from Acupuncture and herbal remedies to lifestyle changes and special exercises.

Eastern medicine treatments take all of of a person’s symptoms into account. Treatments are aimed at balancing the energy within the body to optimize health.

Some lifestyle changes may be helpful for a person who is dealing with thyroid issues. a diet rich in protein, calcium, magnesium, and iodine helps support thyroid function while certain foods known as goitrogens may interfere with thyroid hormone production. These foods should be only eaten in limited amounts. These foods  include cruciferous vegetables (such as cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts), as well as peanuts, and soy.

Exercises that may help are those that help reduce stress, such as yoga or tai chi.

If you have been diagnosed with thyroid health issues, whether you are on Western meds or not, you may want to explore if Eastern medicine and Acupuncture can help you feel better and become healthier.

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