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Naturally Herbal

Chinese herbals are a major component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With the same goals as an Acupuncture treatment, herbal formulas and herbal recommendations are used with the intent of restoring the body’s natural energy.

Many of today’s modern Western medicine pharmaceutical drugs originated from herbs in labs where the chemically active ingredients of plants are isolated and reproduced. Frequently these ingredients are then synthetically produced. The synthetic, concentrated, solitary nature of the resulting product means the risk of adverse reaction is increased. The more natural approach used in TMC does not produce that same risk.

Chinese herbal medicine follows a distinctively different approach. Multiple herbs are used in formulas to create a complex blend of ingredients that work synergistically together to address imbalance in the body.

Many cases in Traditional Chinese Medicine find herbal treatments are used in conjunction with Acupuncture to increase the effectiveness of the treatment plan.

The blend of herbs used in formulas can greatly enhance the therapeutic effect of the treatment while at the same time reducing the risk of side effects, which might exist if only a single herbal was used.

At Acupuncture Alternatives we use two approaches for herbals. Patent formulas are those that are dispensed in pill form and granular or custom formulas are those that are designed to be dissolved in hot water and consumed as teas. The products we utilize are from very high quality manufacturers utilizing good manufacturing practices.

Chinese herbal formulas are safe and effective; they are backed by thousands of years of use and practical experience, as well as extensive modern research. If you would like to learn more about the role Chinese herbals can play in the role of health care we invite you to call for a consultation.


Author – Jim Burnis is a local Gold Canyon Arizona Acupuncturist – — 480-671-5178, contact Jim Burnis .

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