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Summer and Traditional Chinese Medicine

According to traditional Chinese medicine philosophy summer is correlated with the element of Fire. Summer is also associated with the body organs of heart, small intestines, and the tongue. Paying special attention to those organs during summer is particularly important.

When there is an imbalance in the seasonal element (in the case of summer the element is Fire) it can cause problems with the related organs.

If the Fire element is not in harmony, a person’s joy can be diminished. The result may mean a person could end up being depressed or it might also mean to some that they have too much exuberance.

Symptoms that a person’s fire balance is off may manifest as agitation, nervousness, heartburn, or insomnia.

Simple traditional Chinese medicine recommendations for summer.

Some simple things that traditional Chinese medicine recommends for the long summer days that may help include the following.

Try getting up earlier in the morning, going to sleep later at night, and trying to rest at midday if this can work for your life and schedule.

Be sure to get a lot of fluids. Fluids are extremely important during summer months.

Also it may help to add strong or spicy flavors to a person’s diet.

Summer can often affect indigestion due to the connection with the small intestine. Lighter food items and diet are a better choice than heavier foods.

Avoid staying out in the sun for extended periods and becoming sunburned.  For sunburns, Oriental medicine suggests a mixture of tea tree oil (one part) with either olive oil or coconut oil (ten parts) to relieve painful skin.

Water is important in summer

Water (the opposing element to fire) also becomes pertinent in the summer. Keeping hydrated is an important priority.

Keeping drinking water nearby at all times is important, as well as taking cool baths, seeking shade, and wearing lighter clothing.

Watermelon juice has long been used as a remedy for dehydration. Watermelon juice and seeds help to cool the body and cleanse the system. It is recommended to avoid drinks full of sugar and chemicals (like sodas – both diet and regular). These types of drinks don’t actually relieve thirst, but they inundate the body with more toxins that the body has to eventually clear.

Negative side effects of summer can include sunburns, dehydration, and a lack of energy. Small children and older people are especially susceptible to these downsides of the heat.

For sunburns, Oriental medicine suggests a mixture of tea tree oil (one part) with either olive oil or coconut oil (ten parts) to relieve painful skin.

Seasonal Acupuncture is important

Even if you are feeling healthy, getting seasonal Acupuncture can be very helpful to keep you healthy. Acupuncture can help to shift your energies in a positive way to put your body and all its organs into a healthier place.

Give us a call to set up your seasonal Acupuncture appointment. We look forward to helping to keep you healthy.

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