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Covid-19 Updates At Acupuncture Alternatives

December 1, 2022 - Covid-19 Update

Acupuncture Alternatives requests that all individuals entering the office wear a face mask, face covering, or face shield. In many cases masking requirements can be relaxed if clinically warranted.

Our goal is to continue to provide the best possible care in a safe environment for all by following all CDC guidelines.

Please call our office (for instructions) if you develop cold or flu-like symptoms on or near your appointment date/time.

Acupuncture Alternatives Adheres To All CDC and State Guidelines

Our clinic always has, and continues to follow, the strict CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of not only COVID 19, but all other contagions as well.

All contact surfaces are cleaned multi-times daily with industry grade disinfectant cleaners. Disinfecting wipes are used between patients throughout the day. Cleanliness and attention to detail is our trademark.

Acupuncture Alternatives remains committed to serving the health care needs of our patients. In this time of COVID 19 we all need to be extra attentive to doing whatever it takes to keep our immune systems healthy, eating healthy foods, getting high quality of rest and sleep, etc.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which are medical techniques and systems in practice for hundreds and hundreds of years, can help you focus on keeping your immune system strong.


Acupuncture Alternatives LLC closely monitors the impact and spread of the coronavirus in our local area, the U.S. and abroad.  We are constantly evaluating the situation with news from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and other government sources.


Need COVID-19 Face Coverings

CDC Offers Link With Helpful Information For Making COVID-19 Face coverings at home ---



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