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Acupuncture Helps With Holiday Season Stress And Anxiety

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Acupuncture helps with holiday stress

Acupuncture can help with holiday stress, anxiety and holiday blues and depression. Financial concerns, gift giving, busy schedules, family obligations, weight gain and lack of exercise all play into the “holiday cheer”. The end of year, travel, family get-togethers, extra social events, reduced sleep, poor eating brought on from not enough time to eat healthier, [...]

Keeping Your Immune System Healthy With Acupuncture

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Acupuncture can help keep the immune system strong

Traditional Chinese Medicine theory is that the first line of defense in keeping our immune system strong is called the wei qi.  This is qi energy that circulates just beneath our skin and regulates sweating and immunity. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to help keep the immune system [...]

Staying Hydrated And Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Stay hydrated

Arizona is experiencing a very hot summer. Be sure to make it a point to stay hydrated to help keep healthy. Some people find that it may be helpful to fill up a big water bottle (at least 1 liter) at the beginning of the day and carry it around with them wherever they go. [...]

Muscle-knots And Acupuncture

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Acupuncture helps with muscle-knots

Are you suffering from a 'muscle knot'? These painful areas can limit range of motion and there may also be a burning sensation that radiates from the area where the 'knot' seems to be located. 'Muscle-knots' seem to often occur in the back and legs, but also occur in neck and shoulders. They end up [...]

Acupuncture And Orthopedic Conditions

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Acupuncture helps with sports injuries

Acupuncture can help with sports injuries and other conditions such as other sprains, strains, along with other aches and pains affecting muscles, tendons and ligaments. Acupuncture can help with a wide variety of athletic injuries, orthopedic, and musculoskeletal conditions. For centuries, Acupuncture has been used for sports injuries because of it's effectiveness in enhancing the [...]